Fabulous Relationships and Intimacy Education that Nurtures Development – FRIEND CAMP

Fabulous Relationships and Intimacy Education that Nurtures Development – FRIEND


The FRIEND Camps offer the same, evidence-based healthy relationship training program as HEARTS, but the curriculum has been adapted to be age appropriate for middle school youth (ages 11-14).

Middle school youth face many challenges today:

  • Early adolescence is a developmental stage that psychologists often refer to as “separation individuation.” Youth may begin rebelling against parental values. They desperately want to find their individuality.
  • They must deal with social pressures, which today are exacerbated by the media, texting, snapchat, twitter, or face-book. Most kids today are carrying a phone, camera and computer in their pocket! This has a number of positives, but it can also lead to big trouble.
  • Peer pressure is another pitfall for youth. Choosing friends wisely and learning to recognize a healthy relationship is vital in helping youth avoid risk-taking behaviors associated with adolescence.
  • Early romantic relationships may begin in middle school. Some kids will dive right into boy-girl relationships in middle school. Others will stay on the sidelines, while some may not seem interested at all. Helping youth set boundaries, demand respect, recognize healthy relationships, and know how to keep their eyes on their goals, is important for their success in school and in life.
  • Dealing with bullies is something most all youth must face sooner or later. This can be in-person bullying or cyberbullying. Knowing how to handle this all-to-common problem is important for youth. Unchecked it can destroy their self-confidence, lead to depression, and even be physically dangerous.
  • Middle school youth can be volatile as their emotions may, at times, overwhelm them. In FRIEND camp youth learn positive communication skills that help them explain their feelings and assist them in getting along with others.
  • These are just a few of the challenges facing young adolescents today, and the LOVE NOTES, abstinence-based healthy relationship curriculum presented in the FRIEND Camps helps youth make wise decisions. It gives them the tools that will help them navigate the difficult, rocky road of early adolescence.


The Love Notes curriculum builds skills and knowledge for healthy and successful relationships with partners, family, and friends that will assist them in achieving their education, relationship, and family goals. The communication skills and self-awareness components of Love Notes are key to all kinds of relationships in life.


At each of the FREE camps, youth receive a $20 Domino’s gift card, snacks, and a T-shirt. Sessions include art, video, music, and discussion.


Youth who complete the 2-day program will receive a $50-$75 Amazon gift card.

Join us:

9/18/2021 & 9/25/2021 Virtual Camp
10/2/2021 & 10/9/2021 Virtual Camp
10/23/2021 & 10/30/2021 Virtual Camp


This project was made possible by Grant Number SR20000837 of the HHS Youth and Family Services Bureau


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